Corporate management is increasingly complex and undergoes many difficulties. The dynamics of the context in which companies operate and the different and increasing variables at stake make decision-making more complex. Consequently, it is vitally important to reduce the uncertainty factor in the decision-making process.

Therefore, it is essential to have clear objectives to make planning and control of operating and basic activities easier. Administrative duties, which generates information for planning and control of these operating and basic activities, take on a fundamental weight and importance. Administration is then transformed into a real source of profits.

In this regard, the impact of the technological evolution of data processing means and its application to administrative duties cannot be overlooked. In Marcelo Svidovsky & Asociados, we are up to date, by getting trained according to the news and technical innovations, to be able to solve managerial problems of companies on an effective basis.


Advice on operating management and direction

We carry out cost and budget analysis, management control, evaluation of investment
alternatives and profitability analysis.

Development of planning and control systems

We implement cost and budget systems, develop information systems for management
and develop of planning and control systems for activities by company areas.

Development of organizational structures

Analysis of general objectives or by area, evaluation and development of organizational
structures and description of duties.

Operating systems

We develop operating and procedural systems for invoicing, shipping, purchases, etc.
We carry out preliminary feasibility studies for the implementation of systems and information technologies. We also perform process reengineering and operations


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